This year PIP Printing and Marketing Services is proud to bring you three amazing local artists. Each artist selected for this campaign possesses a unique style that is visually distinct and aesthetically beautiful.

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Katie Maher

Featured Months January April July October
Name Katie Maher
Age 26
Location Iowa City Area / Gunnison Colorado
Occupation Tattoo Artist
Artistic Background Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa; Apprentice at Stone Cold Tattoo in Colorado
Cultrual Influences My painting style translates well to tattoos which is a lively profession, but always requires cooperation with a living canvas
Environment Enough space indoor to accomodate large scale
Philosphy All heads exist alone and at their own risk.

Zech Ward

Featured Months February May August <November
Name Zech Ward
Age 24
Location Iowa City
Occupation Student
Duration Senior
Artistic Background I started making art as far back as I can remember. Some of my first experiences that I can remember are art classes in elementary school. I realized that I enjoyed drawing and painting and have continued to make art since then.
Cultrual Influences I decided that I wanted to be an artist when I was in high school. I was taking classes in painting and drawing. When I got to college, it was apparent to me that I should really take art more seriously. Once I got into that mindset, things started to fall into place. I got accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Arts program with an emphasis in printmaking and painting. Lately, I have been influenced by street and graffiti art as well as surrealism and realism. I enjoy using all sorts of mediums so that I can become a well rounded artist.
Environment As of now, I prefer to work in my studio and at the Studio Arts building at the University of Iowa.
Philosphy You only get one life to live, so use it wisely.

Ja Strating

Featured Months March June September December
Name Ja Strating
Location Coralville, Iowa
Occupation Artists/Photographer working a day job at UIHC
Artistic Background As long as I can remember, art has been a part of my life. As a young boy, growing up in Florida, I have vivid memories of exploring the world of color. Unfortunately, my parents were not as impressed as I was, with my Crayola colors, when they discovered I had chosen my bedroom walls as the canvass. There were so many possibilities.

In high school, I spent most of my time in art class and with my eye focused through the lens of a camera. I went on to study the world of photography in Chicago and I worked in a commercial photography studio, where I learned to see the world in a different light.

I relocated to Iowa City in 2000, and I have watched my art expand in several new directions. I spent several years learning and performing the art of tattooing. I have had the unique opportunity to photograph and design posters and CD covers for local musicians as well as publicity designs for the community theater productions.

Currently, I am working on a series of paintings as an exploration of self. I choose to leave my work untitled, because I prefer the art to lead you on your own journey.

Recently, my artwork has come full circle. I dusted off my camera, re-focused the lens and began to explore the dramatic power of light in photography. The images I capture, have found their way onto my canvass. A new journey has begun combining my love for photography and paint.
Cultrual Influences I don't think that I chose art. I believe art chose me. I think that the world around us is my biggest influence. The unique cultures, lifestyles, belief systems, faith, and all the beauty and raw emotion found in all life, influence my creations. I breathe in other's passions and reflect on my own experiences. I use my art as a means to express my own thoughts, feelings and insights that carry me along the path to self-discovery.
Environment I am blessed to have a home that allows me space to motivate, inspire and create. A place that fuels my soul and keeps me close to my loved ones.
Philosphy In creativity, our biggest demon is fear. If we can find ways to contain that demon, it frees our spirit to create.
Achievements: Ja was accepted into the University of Iowa staff art show for the last three years. He was awarded 2nd place and the People's Choice award in this exhibit for the 2006 show. Ja was also accepted into the Cedar Rapids Harvester art show for 2007 and 2008. Ja's work was chosen by the Press Citizen and published in their book of Iowa artist's, entitled "In Situ" for the year 2007. Ja's work was also on display at the Englert Theater in 2007, for the gallery showing and premiere celebration of their first issue of the publication.
Contact tel: 319-936-1472
Additional Photos Harvester Art Show