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PIP Printing's Integrated Notepad Marketing Campaign is a subscription based notepad marketing campaign that will run throughout the calendar year. Each participant will receive a notepad for each calendar month. Every month will feature works of art from a talented local artist. The notepads will be distributed in three month increments and will either be delivered or mailed.

Soft reminder that stays on the desks of our top clients and prospective clients. The notepad marketing campaign should illustrate that we are a creative and community based company that perceives our clients as partners.

Increase value in our company as marketing professionals through leading by example.
Explore new ways of reaching and retaining clients by creative marketing.
Create a conversational piece for speaking to current and prospective clients.
Support of the community by promoting local artists.
Bring in new business associated with Marketing/Design.

The Notepads
Clients have many choices when it comes to writing on notepads, so PIP wanted to create something fun, creative, and impressionable. Each month features a local artist. The notepad cover frames and displays each art piece so you can enjoy the beauty of each piece. Each notepad page includes a calendar and plenty of note-taking room. View Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Enroll? If you have received an invitation letter please, visit the Registration page. If you have not received an invitation letter but would like to be considered for the notepad program, visit the Marketing page.

How can I start my own notepad program? PIP Printing offers a variety of marketing programs. If you would like to start your own marketing program, please visit the Marketing page, or call us at 319-337-6431 ext 0.

Who was selected for this campaign? PIP considered many factors while preparing for this campaign. Our primary demographic included top clients and top prospective clients to be included for this marketing program.

When should I expect my notepads? The notepad campaign will be shipped or delivered in 3 month increments. The initial installment of notepads should be received by the middle of December 2008. If you have enrolled and feel that will have missed your shipment, please contact us at 319-337-6431 ext 0.